July 30, 2013

BCAP Day Two (Panera)

I only recently realized Panera even offered Blended Coffee Awesomeness. I was distracted by something else: egg souffles. Have you ever had an egg souffle from Panera? Or from anywhere? Egg souffle, cheese pastry, and Mountain Dew. That was my order. Then they stopped serving Mountain Dew. I was really bummed about that.

But back to the subject at hand...where I...review this drink? Yeah I have no idea what I'm doing here. If it helps, it seems like Panera uses a little more coffee than some of the other places. And for whatever reason (you can kind of tell by the picture), they give you a REALLY thick straw. You could probably drink bubble tea with this thing if you're so inclined, which  if you're like me  you aren't.

Panera is unfortunately on the south end of McKinney, where there's a bunch of annoying construction and traffic. But you know when there isn't much traffic? Sunday mornings. And if I just get myself out of bed, there's a spinach bacon souffle with my name on it. And a cheese pastry. And you know what else.

Also, there's a Half Price Books next door, so that's nice.

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