September 6, 2012

Self portraits, internet style

Okay, this has been bugging me for a while. I’m certain (photographic) self portraits have been around almost as long as the camera. But with the advent of the internet, smartphones, and social networking, self portraits are more popular than ever. Especially popular is the “mirror portrait”. Here’s a couple examples I took in my bathroom mirror:

Looking at self in phone

Looking at self in mirror

Besides the obvious similarities (they were taken seconds apart), do you notice what I’m doing in both of the pictures? I’m looking at myself—on my phone’s screen on the left and in the mirror on the right. It seems like 90% of the mirror portraits I see on the internet fall into these two categories, which is really just one category.

I don’t want to make blanket statements, but most of what we put on the internet is for the benefit of others. Even if the purpose of the picture is to draw attention to yourself, the picture itself is still there to be seen by others. So why not look at the intended audience?

Looking at camera

Yeah, I’m probably just being picky, but it bothers me when people can’t take their eyes off themselves for the two seconds it takes to snap a pic. /rant

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