December 21, 2010

The Bro Ideal

What constitutes a "bro"? Also: can I not put that in quotes from now on? It seems like a lot of work. Thanks! Continuing: Watching the works of Aaron Sorkin (Sports Night, The West Wing, Studio 60), I'm struck by the pairs of dudes that exhibit bro-like behavior. I'm not sure how true-to-life this behavior is, but it's fun to watch. I've noticed some commonality in most of Sorkin's bros. Specifically:

(1) Work relationship. These guys work together or have some kind of working relationship. Leo is Bartlett's Chief of Staff. Matt is the writer, Danny is the producer of the same show. Dan and Casey are co-anchors. This is likely out of convenience since the shows focus on these guys' jobs but it's also an excuse for these guys to be around each other all the time. Indeed, guys being around each other all the time without the working relationship seems pathetic (sorry, Isaac).

(2) They've known each other for years. A bro-lationship doesn't happen overnight! A long backstory gives weight to the relationship, and provides fodder for conversation (and sometimes conflict). The backstory also makes the type of dialogue Sorkin writes for them more believable. Things are frequently spoken without words between these characters, and a years-long relationship makes that easier to buy as well.

(3) They are fiercely loyal to each other. I guess that's a fundamental part of being a bro, and you see it in Sorkin's characters as well. I don't recall anyone ever starting a fight or anything, but it's in the subtext that they're willing to.

I suppose good writers aren't limited to drawing on their own experience, but I can't help but wonder if Sorkin has a bro-lationship (bromance seems played out) similar to what he depicts onscreen. Or perhaps this is a lofty but unattainable ideal for him. He does seem to work with Thomas Schlamme a lot, but maybe that's just a coincidence.

One thing that has always irked me about reality shows is the dialog between (supposed) bros. There are certain things that dudes typically don't talk about, or at the very least there are ways that most dudes don't talk. Reality shows ring false every time. Am I just being too suspicious of these "unscripted" shows? Or have I bought into Sorkin's mythical bro ideal?

December 10, 2010

Testing again

Yep, I'm in the storage room again. Random observation: there's a lot of calculators in here. I've got nothing much to say, I was just annoyed that this didn't work before and I can't seem to let stupid stuff like that go. Maybe at some point I'll get a new phone (I've got a Motorola Q that's going on three years old), but AT&T won't let me buy a new smartphone without also purchasing a data plan. Call me cheap, but $15 for 200 megabytes of data just seems ridiculous when I have unlimited (and much speedier) data from Time Warner at home, and I don't really do anything productive on my phone. But I like smartphones, so I guess at some point I'll have to compromise either in my choice of phone or my choice of monthly bill.

December 9, 2010

Testing mobile device

People sadden me sometimes. I think they think they will automatically (or magically?) get into gear when things get difficult. Or maybe they just think things will never get difficult? I think the difficulty is a forgone conclusion but perhaps they're right about themselves. I wish I were that optimistic. Obviously, I don't want anything bad to happen to anyone, but it's almost like they're asking for it! It's odd for me because, under other circumstances, I wouldn't care. I think I could totally ignore it. But circumstances force me to take note. And circumstances compel me to be encouraging (or at the very least compel me not to be discouraging). Hopefully I'll get used to it. An even better scenario would be getting good at it. But there's only so much any of us can do.

I'm writing this entire entry from my phone! I realize that kind of thing isn't nearly as impressive as it once was (what can't you do from a phone these days?), but I'm excited anyway. I'm on a break from work hiding out in the storage room. If this works out maybe I'll do it more often. The blog entries, I mean. The hiding out I do all the time. I'm not hiding from my work or anything, I just take my breaks here because there's no people. And did I mention people sadden me sometimes?

UPDATE: The mobile post didn't work. So much for used-to-be-impressive technology!