March 26, 2010

Radiohead completist blues

Okay, I'm not really a Radiohead completist. I've seen them live twice and they were both great shows but I don't see the need to obtain bootleg recordings of all their shows. I don't have Thom Yorke's solo album. I'm actually a terrible Radiohead fan. But my blues stem from this: the Radiohead re-issues. Their first six studio albums have been re-issued both as 2CD and 2CD/1DVD sets. The sad part is I already own most of what you get on the CDs and spent a lot of money doing it. But they offer JUST ENOUGH extra stuff that I want to buy them. So I did. Well mostly...I didn't get the DVD version of Pablo Honey (I just don't care that much) and I didn't bother with Kid A (the b-sides became Amnesiac and there were no official promo videos so the second CD and DVD are all live stuff). I also didn't get HttT because the COM LAG EP (which I have) has all the b-sides. Now my (I realize this is no big deal, so it's a very small) dilemma is...what do I do with all these singles and EPs I had to buy to get all this until-recently-hard-to-get stuff? Not to mention the four albums that I've replaced as my count I've replaced 16 CDs altogether. Where were you when I needed you, Radiohead re-issues?? Oh well...some say pretty soon we'll never "own" any music anyway, that we'll just pay our monthly subscription...but that's another post.

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  1. I felt the same way about getting the re-issue of Queens of the Stone Age Rated-R album... ofcourse I don't have the original release so I guess I should shut up.