October 17, 2009

I (unintentionally) lied.

So I was all set to buy a sub-$200 HD digital camcorder, when I spotted a deal on this little beauty. It's a Sanyo Xacti HD1010, and since I had named my other choices Sammy and Kody I thought it would be coolfun to name him Zac. For just the proverbial "few dollars more," Zac has extras Sammy and Kody don't have, like a forward-facing viewfinder and 10x optical zoom, while providing the same video resolution and SDHC storage medium. The Xacti line are referred to as "dual cameras", meaning you can take still photos while shooting video and the video is unaffected. The pistol grip isn't the easiest to hold steady, so I'm working on that. For now, everything I shoot looks like a Bourne movie. My computer isn't necessarily old or underpowered, but it was designed with corporate America in mind and it isn't liking the HD video too much. Hopefully I'll have some example footage up soon.

October 10, 2009

Glad it's not my job...

I was thinking about how many experiences exist versus how many events. Take the same event that involved seven people and for the one event there are seven experiences. What started me thinking about it was remembering when my grandfather died. I knew him reasonably well and loved him but I think I focused on the fact that I was watching my mom lose her dad. My mom who obviously knew him much better than I did and had a more complex relationship with him. And my mom who I know much better than I ever knew my grandfather and who I have a more complex relationship with. In telling the story one could then pick any of several viewpoints or angles from which to tell it. A detached third-person omniscient? Or from her viewpoint? Or mine? Or her viewpoint from my perspective? That's when it started hurting my head. But it's interesting how people's experiences are different for the same event. And how their experience leading up to that event help to shape that event...or rather their experience of the event. And how the experience could've been completely different depending on when it happened. Or maybe not. Now my head hurts again.