August 26, 2009

Cell phone cameras

I have mixed feelings about cell phone cams. I'm by no means a professional photographer, and my digital camera is nothing spectacular. But the pictures it takes are works of art compared to the pics my cell phone takes (well, that actually depends on the person taking the pictures, but play along). And people with cell phone cams are annoying sometimes. I can only imagine how much celebrities must hate them. But there's a reason they're so ubiquitous. It's handy. You have it with you. It's in your pocket. There are so many times I want to take a picture but don't have my "actual" camera with me. One such example, from outside a Faint concert:

Granada Theater

This isn't awful, but the pictures I took inside were. Some venues get a little edgy about cameras, but nobody minds cell phones. So they can be annoying but they're crazy convenient. Now if I could only keep my lens clean. I realize there will (for some quite some time) be a difference in the image quality between a cell phone cam and even a relatively inexpensive camera, but I look forward to the technology getting better. My current cell phone's picture quality is already miles ahead of my last one, and that one was miles ahead of the one before that (since it didn't have a camera).

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