July 22, 2009

Quick reviews

So last week, Wednesday through Sunday nights I went and saw movies. I don't recommend this, or any of the movies I went and saw. Got it? But here's a few notes.

Wednesday: The Proposal (con mi esposa): I'm not into dudes, but Ryan Reynolds is hot.

Thursday: I Love You, Beth Cooper (with my mBear): This strongly reminded me of a cross between Can't Hardly Wait and Dude Where's My Car. Enjoyable. Not sure how well it would hold up to subsequent viewings though? Let's find out, mBear!

Friday: My Big Fat Greek Wedding (at Nasher Sculpture Center): It was a warm night to watch a movie outdoors. Again, not into dudes, but that John Corbett! 3U! While on the subject of John Corbett, some of the best scenes ever filmed of that guy are in the movie Serendipity, where he plays Kate Beckinsale's new-age-musician-boyfriend. Funny every time!

Saturday: Star Trek (with @ReallyIsaac): I had already seen this a few times. I have mixed feelings about it. In general, awesome. In particular, I wish it hadn't received so much "prequel" billing, because that's not really what it is. Before I saw it the first time, I read an interview with JJ Abrams about the fact that he used a lot of lens flare, and I noticed it, but for some reason this time I noticed HOW MUCH he used it. It's all over the place.

Sunday: (500) Days of Summer (with Isaac and @cookiecupcakes): I enjoyed it. Much more, in fact, than either of the people I saw it with. Again, it would be interesting to see how this one holds up to subsequent viewings. I don't know how to word this, but I like the way they handled the timeline. If you see it you'll know what I'm talking about. And I've said it before, but I love the movie poster. Speaking of which, another movie poster I love is The Time Traveler's Wife. How cute is Rachel McAdams?

So, yeah. This week I'm going to make better use of my time (referring of course to the movies, not the people I watched them with).


  1. i think your right that we should spend more time doing other things than watching movies all weekend. i mean, one movie is fine. but geez, did we really have to see MBFGW? -_- or Trek for that matter. though, i'm glad we did, bc that movie never gets old.

    oh and, i didnt HATE or DISLIKE (500) Days of Summer. i was just very depressed after the movie. i still thought it was a great film and also really like the way the movie was edited together. plus, i'm gay for that Joseph guy. i'll watch whatever he's in.

    but yeah, i would most-def watch Beth Cooper and (500) Days again. both movies were very entertaining and I might even buy them on dvd. well, there’s no question for Beth Coooooper.

    which brings me to my final point...if you can call it that...but we don't have to go to the movies every weekend. God knows i shouldn't, you know, with the trying to save some money and all. so i guess my challenge to you is: what can we do that’s wicked awesome, but yet that cost little to no money at all?


    lol! jay kay jay kay, as long as i'm able to hug you, i'm cool with whatever.

    lt3, vBear.

  2. That's cool. Or any show, for that matter. I have like 30 seasons by myself and I know you've got me beat. Let's do this!

  3. Wow aside from ST and MBFGW... I have no idea what the other movies are about. And Im not about to spend a weekend at the theater trying to find out. Overall I just wanted to say great blog! I look forward reading the next one.