July 26, 2009

"Just burgers. Just fries. Just better."

So goes the slogan of Mooyah, an up-and-coming burger joint franchise found in DFW/Houston/Austin. They probably don't say it, but the franchise is heavily influenced by In-N-Out Burger: The menu is simple, prices are good for what you get, fries are made fresh from potatoes in the store every day. You can even order your burger "Mooyah style" (echoing INO's "Animal style") or you can get the "Iceberger" (similar to INO's "Protein style"). Mooyah does offer a few more options with the black-bean or turkey burger. The store I went to also has no drive-thru, which I'm thinking is rare at INO. They use flat patties that fit the bun perfectly; on the Mooyah burger you get two of them. All toppings are free except for bacon and cheese.
I got a Mooyah burger Mooyah style with ketchup mustard and mayo, regular fries and Coke (because burger joints should serve Coke, Fuddruckers!) for just under $10. The food was out quickly and tasted good. The restaurant was packed! I would've tried a shake but I was stuffed and noticed they were made with soft-serve, so I wasn't in a hurry. The only real issue I have is I hate saying "Mooyah" so that makes the ordering a bit awkward.
I've only had the pleasure of eating at INO once, and while it's not quite the same, they at least seem to be going the right direction. I think Eric Schlosser would be pleased.

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