May 30, 2009

Hollywood is annoying (but it beats Dollywood)

I'm the first to admit it: I'm easily entertained. I'll sit through most movies one time through without much complaint (though I draw the line at Must Love Dogs). But what bothers me lately is that it seems like all the big movies have to be trilogies. Which is okay, but the trilogy is planned before the first movie even comes out? That's kinda like the studios are saying "you WILL like this movie!" or worse yet "you BETTER like this movie!" And the obligatory setting up of the next movie? Really? I like a little bonus for people like me who hang around until the credits are over but lately it's the villain coming back to life somehow or something equally lame (though, truth be told, I was giggling like a school girl about Nick Fury at the end of Iron Man and Tony Stark at the end of Incredible Hulk). That doesn't excite me for the next chapter so much as it just makes this one less satisfying. Jerks! Give the audience a little credit. Hide something that sets up a future plot in the body of the movie for those paying attention. Or make it good enough that people will want to see a sequel despite the lack of a hand-holding setup job. Or just make one really awesome movie and leave it alone. Back to the Future 2 and 3 had their moments but the original was awesome all the way through.

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