April 3, 2009

How many is this?

So I wonder between my two blogs how many of my entries were either (a) me wasting time or (2) complaining how much time I waste or (d) both. It's sad.

...but that having been said I'm doing it again. I don't know that I'm really an ADD sufferer or just a product of 80's TV culture or just entirely undisciplined metally but seriously it's inconvenient at times like this and it's getting old.

I used to hate it when my mom did this to me as a kid, but no matter how it goes--terribly or fantastically--in exactly one week it will all be over. So that'll be nice. But I've got work to do.

...and I'll start tomorrow. Well not start but continue anyway...it's not saying much that I've started but it's something, right?

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