March 21, 2009

Cover songs

So I've been thinking about making a mix CD with cover songs I like. I thought I might give a copy to some friends so I wanted to make a proper CD cover:

It's not a real album

I wanted more of a cheesy vibe but I think I ended up with creepy.

I like covers when they're done well. Even disregarding the ones that aren't, limiting all the options to one CD is difficult. Lots of bands have had tribute CDs made for them; you could make a box set of nothing but Beatles covers (somewhere out there is an awesome bossa nova style remake of Hey Jude they used to play on an all-Beatles radio station). The Smashing Pumpkins have recorded enough to make a CD of nothing but covers. I'll share my tracklist when I finalize it, but in the meantime if anybody's reading, what song(s) would you include?

PS Does anyone have an mp3 of Kloey covering I Hear a Symphony?


  1. You mean you want a copy? If so e-mail me your current address at loren forty-two at prodigy dot net.