January 20, 2009

Your music is my club

We probably all remember the old-school CD clubs, where you get free CDs up front as long as you agree to purchase a certain amount of CDs within a certain period of time. Columbia House switched to strictly DVDs and BMG is no longer around, but there is a new club of sorts called yourmusic.com. Basically, it's a subscription. You are charged $6.99 per month and have an online music queue. At the specified day, they charge you $6.99 and send you a CD with no additional fee for shipping and handling. If you DON'T have a CD in your queue, they still charge you $6.99. But having a CD in your queue is no big deal; I've already got a year's worth with about 20 minutes of work. The selection isn't great, but they'll always have at least one CD I don't mind paying $6.99 for. If you're a subscriber you can also buy any CDs you want immediately for the same price. Cool, huh? I think so, but I'm easily impressed. E-mail me if you care to join and I get a free CD out of the deal.

1 comment:

  1. That's a really good deal, except I never buy cds anymore. so even at $6.99 it wouldn't be worth it to me.... which is sad. Otherwise I would join! But it would be totally cool if someone made me a mix cd... I always love those.... just throwin' that out there. ;D