July 13, 2007


I did something I don't do too often these days: I bought a CD. The new Pumpkins CD. But is it really a Pumpkins CD? Can it be called that when the credits say "performed artfully by Jimmy Chamberlin: Drums / Billy Corgan: All The Rest"? What makes this any different than Zwan or Billy's solo album? That having been said, all the previous albums released under the Smashing Pumpkins moniker have basically been Billy Corgan solo albums anyway. Iha and D'Arcy and Billy himself said that he wrote all the songs and did nearly everything in the studio. Except of course for drumming because Jimmy Chamberlin is one of the best drummers alive. So I see both sides of the argument. I guess the real question should be: is it any good?

Well, is it? Tell me what you think. I need a while before I can make sound judgements about this kind of thing.