August 22, 2006

I am such a consumer.

Magazines have such an effect on me (secular magazines I mean). Whenever I read a computer magazine, I’m ready to upgrade my computer or download a bunch of stuff. When I read Custom Classic Truck, I want to go work on one of the three currently decomposing in my father’s yard. I just read the latest Dwell magazine, and now I want to build a house. A nice green house. Eco-friendly green, not blue-yellow green. It probably won’t ever happen, but it is something I’d like to research a bit more. Some of the technology is neat. But really, how do magazines to that? I fall into their trap every time! Actually, I guess I don’t really, because I never act on any of it, reading a different kind of magazine can help me with that.

Alternate title for this post: I am a target market.


  1. hows your greenhouse coming along?

  2. It's still in what I'll call the "development phase."

    Meaning: I haven't done the first thing. I don't know that I ever will. Fun idea though.

  3. hey loren. this is off topic, but i wanted to say hi. i just had fun hanging out with your wife last weekend. good times. she totally made a pass at me, and i said, "no way, married jose!"

    but, seriously, it's been a while. we should chat, and enjoy a new song.

    yer pal,

  4. hmm . . . i've been away from livejouranl and the like for over a year, and what do i find? nobody! but, i followed your clever link and here i am!

  5. OMG! You inherited that!