March 31, 2006

When did I get so pretentious?

If it were earlier I could totally put thoughts together better. I have lots of talented friends. One of these friends is a guy named Chris. Chris has willingly given me several of his songs and some others I took from his computer and iPod when he visited me over a year ago. Old habits die hard. This music needs to be shared. Don’t get me wrong, I like Pop Riveter. Reed’s voice over almost all organic instruments is great. But, I like this better. Today was phase one. My aim is a dedicated web site with a link on the Band Kids’ site. We’ll see. But for now I’ve got some of his songs on my public Yahoo briefcase (marked with a CW) and a MySpace.


  1. Also, I was thinking earlier about the possibilities of a band or album named "Extra Special" but I didn't think I'd get to use it so soon.

  2. ...i have a song called "when did i get so pretentious?" ...

    do you have this song, or is this an insane coincidence that would blow minds?

    also, i've heard you want to make some noise with me. i'm game. gimme a call. my cell has changed, but apparently yr wife is talking to laurissa quite a bit on account of the weddin' a traspirin'. you should have laura get it from laurissa, and then call me. that way, i have to do almost no work at all!

    come to think of it, that's way to huge a coincidence, and you must have just stolen it off my computer. by the by, if you really wanted to get some stuff, you could just log into my slsk account, which is pretty much on all the time (except for right now..), and just snoop. my work file is shared... you just have to figure out which one it is.

    -chris (chirp!)