January 16, 2006

"And is it good to get these men worked up so..."

How would Daytrip feel about my heralding the talents of other shoegaze bands? I suspect they neither read this nor care. I would also wager Daytrip has more of what I’ll call “genre loyalty” than “band loyalty.” I could be wrong. It’s happened before.
I’m not a huge shoegaze fan. The emotional connection is part of draw, and if it’s done right it’s not just sadness and depression I’m talking about here, but I still have to be in a certain mood. I like bands like Experimental Aircraft for taking the genre into other territory, even getting close to pop.
I saw a movie the other day, which I won’t name or recommend, although if you care you can easily figure it out because it was scored by a band called Explosions in the Sky. Explosions, like ExAir, are from Austin. I wouldn’t call the movie exceptional. It was pretty good. But the effect of the music made it so much more interesting! Given my not a huge fan-ness and relative unfamiliarity with the whole genre, I’m guessing here when I say Explosions is more traditional shoegaze (i.e. no lyrics, long track times). Very good stuff.
Upon further reading, I discovered that ExAir has two shows coming up in the DFW area, and they have a MySpace page (with music from their upcoming album!). Also, this is a pretty good Explosions link.

Fun fact: I’ve used the word “genre” three times in this entry (four now) and I hope you don’t think badly of me. I suppose that’s two fun facts that are related. As long as I’m being honest, neither of those facts are really all that fun.

Also: Identify the quote first and I'll send you something!


  1. Is it the Faint? My naughty friend.
    inquiring minds would like to know.
    PS.this inquiring mind is marci;:)

  2. It is indeed The Faint, Marci. Instead of sending you something I'll probably just give it to you in person.

    I made a CD of this shoegaze music I speak so informatively of but the last song is Worked Up So Sexual. Not an organic instrument to be found.

  3. "I would also wager Daytrip has more of what I’ll call “genre loyalty” than “band loyalty.” I could be wrong. It’s happened before."

    i don't understand. like loyalty to how the genre sounds?

    also, interestingly (i'm sure you may much if not all of this, so much apologies if it seems condesending), the whole shoegazer thing comes from more poppy bands like My Bloody Valentine and J.A.M.C. and post-rockers borrowed heavily from them in the way of buried if not intermittent vocals and noisy interludes. these days, for me at least, the line between the two is blurred. i was introduced to the genre as "shoegazer pop". the pop has often been dropped, but most of my favorite 'shoegazy' music tends toward the sentimental and joyous.

    i've rambled enough.

    -chadtrip 3009

  4. What I had in mind was, being happy people are listening to that kind of music, even if it's not their own.
    Also, condescending indeed, you pretentious jerk! Just kidding, that was interesting to know. That's kind of why I was laughing at myself about the overuse of the word "genre" because at the end of the day there's not much point to classifying it, compartmentalizing it, over-analyzing it, and whatever else we do to it besides just enjoying it.

  5. we post-rock/shoegazers aren't pretensious. we're just really that sweet. you can tell by the fact that nobody 'gets' our musical genre.

    it's funny; most people i know who really like shoegaze are in the band. i'm just always impressed when someone knows ANYTHING about this long, repetitive, loud and noisy form of music so dear to my heart. and it is definitely a toughy trying to talk about something that's supposed to be beyond labels.

    “Art is why I get up in the morning but my definition ends there. You know I don't think its fair that I'm living for something I can't even define" -ani difranco

  6. My first exposure Drown by SP, but probably my second or third was Coke Babies by Radiohead. I don't know if you've ever heard it, but I uploaded it to my briefcase. You can also find some solo Chris Whitmire and a Frente! b-side. I just noticed they bumped me up to a gig so I should add some more.

  7. Sorry, my first exposure WAS Drown by SP.