January 21, 2006

January 16, 2006

"And is it good to get these men worked up so..."

How would Daytrip feel about my heralding the talents of other shoegaze bands? I suspect they neither read this nor care. I would also wager Daytrip has more of what I’ll call “genre loyalty” than “band loyalty.” I could be wrong. It’s happened before.
I’m not a huge shoegaze fan. The emotional connection is part of draw, and if it’s done right it’s not just sadness and depression I’m talking about here, but I still have to be in a certain mood. I like bands like Experimental Aircraft for taking the genre into other territory, even getting close to pop.
I saw a movie the other day, which I won’t name or recommend, although if you care you can easily figure it out because it was scored by a band called Explosions in the Sky. Explosions, like ExAir, are from Austin. I wouldn’t call the movie exceptional. It was pretty good. But the effect of the music made it so much more interesting! Given my not a huge fan-ness and relative unfamiliarity with the whole genre, I’m guessing here when I say Explosions is more traditional shoegaze (i.e. no lyrics, long track times). Very good stuff.
Upon further reading, I discovered that ExAir has two shows coming up in the DFW area, and they have a MySpace page (with music from their upcoming album!). Also, this is a pretty good Explosions link.

Fun fact: I’ve used the word “genre” three times in this entry (four now) and I hope you don’t think badly of me. I suppose that’s two fun facts that are related. As long as I’m being honest, neither of those facts are really all that fun.

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