November 18, 2005

Something about China and buttons

One of the (many) things I’ve never been very good at is discerning what songs are about. I get feelings and hunches, but can’t really properly explain them or put them into words. I was just listening to A Day in the Life. I never liked the Sgt. Pepper version of this song because the beginning has the applause carried over from the previous track. Which is great as far as the album goes, but to hear the song as it was actually recorded (on the blue album) with just the lone guitar at the beginning sets a more appropriate tone. The two coolest things about this song for me are the vocal solo by John after Paul’s part and Ringo’s riffs after each of John’s lines (and I don’t care what you conspiracy theorists say that’s RINGO on the drums). I also like how you can count off 24 measures for each of the instrument breaks/buildups (and that a voice can be heard doing some of it). And how on John’s part before Paul’s the voice is on the left and instruments are on the right but after Paul’s part they are switched. And of course the nearly 45 seconds of whatever it’s called (refrain?) at the end of the song. It has a powerful effect.

So if anybody reads this thing, tell me: what is this song about? I mean of course I know what it’s ABOUT because it’s basically a few little stories, but overall, to you, what does it mean?


  1. I have the Beatles anthology. I think they talk about it. I will try to find it someday when i'm so bored I could die.

  2. i don't know, bro.
    the part where paul (?) says i had a smoke and went into a dream is more than likely talking about being high. and then he says "I'd love to turn you on" and that sounds like possibly a drug reference too. but whatev~


  3. It's so obvious. Just a normal, everyday "day in the life" of someone--anyone--while at the same time, in any given day, things are happening, some things of great import. And yet, for any person, what's happening in their own little world is always of the most importance to them.
    It'd be nice if more people would just remember the number one 'rule of aging': it's not.....all
    Yeah, the book you got from me. ME, I say.....MEEEEE!!!!!
    Oh, sorry..went a little crazy there.

  4. Nice work. Now maybe I could get your take on "I am The Walrus."