November 2, 2005

"I certainly haven't been shopping for any new shoes..."

So I’ve been listening to the new Fiona Apple CD quite a lot. My wife would prefer Jessica Simpson. I am still not entirely sure why. Anyway, it’s decidedly more “poppy” than her other albums, but still with enough of her signature style to make her fans happy. Actually because of her pop sensibilities and a song bashing the recording industry thrown in it reminds me very much of an Aimee Mann album, which is probably why I like it so much. The dual disc was worth the extra few bucks because you get to see an acoustic set at Café Largo. She sounds really good live but seems really shy. The result can only be described as “cute.”

Also: We’re leaving tomorrow for Washington DC.
What I’d like to do: Stand outside the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue with a snare drum and play the opening drum riff from the West Wing.
What I probably won’t do: See above.

Also also: It’s good to remember the word “brain” is a noun and a verb (as in: “I am going to BRAIN you!”). According to our mutual friend Merriam-Webster:
1: to kill by smashing the skull  2: to hit on the head

Good stuff.

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