October 19, 2005

“So I started up a blog, ‘cause I’m indistinct…”

Re: California

I must admit, I’ve only been to this place once. For half an hour. And I never left SFO Airport. Then I was on to nicer things in the Aloha State. But I can’t help but wonder, what’s so great about California? By all accounts, it has a troubled economy, beleaguered government, natural disasters, and a population of incredibly shallow people (read that last part with a Robin Leach-type voice). So why are there so many songs about California? And why do so few of them mention the troubled economy, beleaguered government, etc.? Also, when I say “about,” I mean songs that mention California. So how many can you think of? I’ll get us started:

“California” by Low
“California” by Phantom Planet
“California” by Mason Jennings
“Californication” by RHCP
“California Girls” by the Beach Boys
“California Dreamin’” by the Mamas and Papas
“Hotel California” by the Eagles
And that’s off the top of my head, without thinking of songs that don’t have a reference in the title but are mentioned in the song like “Get Free” by the Vines and songs that are about a particular location in California like “Beverly Hills” by Weezer.

Are there others?

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  1. cali's the promised land, lor.

    you know it, i know it, steinbeck knew it.

    so you're kind of like the ten spies who are saying that the people are too strong, and phantom planet and low are like the two good spies who said, "with God's help we can take 'em. oh yeah, and look at these huge grapes!"

    -your pal chris, who incidentally wrote the last comment as well. and who's feedreader has not been telling me when you've been updating.