October 22, 2005

It probably comes down to laziness.

For a while now, we’ve lived in the same apartment. Actually, not THAT long of a while, but during this while we’ve been anticipating the build of a new hall. The location of this new hall is (or will be) less than two minutes from our apartment. I’m not super crazy about our apartment, but now our future hall is becoming more of a reality so I feel like we should stay.
I always have had better spiritual than secular goals. Not that there is anything wrong with this, but I always envied the people that seemed to have both. I have no secular ambition. Not only that, I have no problem “throwing my money away” by paying rent each month. We’re still not sure we want to make this our “permanent” home anyway. So as far as this stuff is concerned, I feel like we’re in a state of limbo. Fortunately, none of it matters very much, but limbo is limbo.

Also, speaking of limbo, my wife says it’s interesting to watch people do the limbo. “Not the actual limbo-ing part,” she says, “but right after they do it, as they walk away from the limbo bar.”

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