October 12, 2005

I can't post without a title.

My latest purchase. Oh yes indeed.

Also, I’ve been thinking about outsourcing a lot. I don’t know why. It’s pretty much a political issue now, so I feel weird making any kind of statement about it. But I think I’m okay here. Not that I’m affected by it or anything, but I think if it’s something that really is an issue to most people, if people are willing to boycott a company or something else similarly drastic because they outsource certain jobs, people need easy-to-access, easy-to-understand, up-to-date information. Like whosoutsourcing.com or something. Upon looking at this web site, I have to wonder why someone saw fit to put this particular web site here. Anyway, I was thinking that as long as it was completely fact-based and didn’t have any nationalistic or political leanings I could do something like that, but then I thought, how would I do something like that? I wouldn’t have a clue where to start or how to get accurate information or how to design the web site and then I’d still have to keep it up to date! But doesn’t it seem like a good idea? Give people the information and let them decide. So has someone already had this idea and I didn’t even bother to poke around the internet before posting this? Actually the second part of that question shouldn’t be a question because I know it’s true, although to my credit I did check whosoutsourcing.com. And if you’re in the market for shoes, you should do the same. The more I write the more I’m tempted to research this so I’m going to stop.

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  1. dude. i didn't know season two was out yet!!!


    also, given your frequency of updates on your own website, you might just want to suggest the idea and leave it..

    much love!

    ps- i'm sending you back the drive, i swear.